Pediatric Occupational Therapy in Tampa

Pediatric Occupational Therapy in Tampa

Ginger Health is proud to offer Pediatric Occupational Therapy in Tampa.

If you are looking for pediatric occupational therapy in Tampa, you've come to the right place. We know that searching for a pediatric occupational therapist in Tampa can make a parent anxious. You can trust that we specialize in application of occupational rehab and treatment for kids.

Five Pediatric Occupational Therapy Clinics in Tampa

Our pediatric occupational therapists will work with your child to address any areas of concern that may be related to their function and ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs).

A pediatric occupational therapist at Ginger Health will use various evidence-based research and techniques to help your child.

Providing Occupational Therapy Based on the Current Best Research

Our occupational therapists use research from the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) and American Society of Hand Therapy (ASHT). We have worked with children from various conditions and diagnoses, including autism, cerebral palsy, ADHD and many more. As occupational therapists, we believe that every child has a right to succeed in society. We do this by teaching the child and their caregiver skills necessary to improve independence and function. The goal is to make the child able to perform at a level that allows them equal participation with peers.

What Our Tampa Pediatric Occupational Therapy Specialists Can Do for Your Child

An occupational therapist may work with the child's skills such as handwriting, dressing, bathing, toileting, or reaching developmental milestones. The occupational therapist will also use evidence-based techniques. For example, our occupational therapy team is huge on sensory integration and handwriting. Sensory integration has been shown to help improve and regulate the sensory system and motor learning theory has been implemented as well for handwriting. These techniques and skills are important in helping to understand how your child can develop the necessary skills to succeed.

We also offer equipment evaluations for some children as well. We offer wheelchair evaluations as well as durable medical equipment and adaptive equipment as well.

Approaching Your Child with a Variety of Different Treatment Styles

Occupational therapists use various models and frames of reference to guide treatment and intervention. For example, motor learning is a huge area of focus when working with children. The goal is to help children learn necessary automatic skills such as handwriting or riding a bicycle. Another model we commonly use is Person, Environment, and Occupation (PEO). This model looks at how the child, occupation, and environment interact. An occupational therapist can look at what factors are impacting their ability to perform tasks. This may include looking at how children that are more sensitive to sound can benefit from environmental adaptations or how some children perform better in specific situations.

Occupational Therapy for Pediatric Patients is Far from Boring

Our treatment plans are something your kids will enjoy. It can fun in many ways. As we put the fun in function. During a therapy session, we may work on tasks necessary to meeting goals with fun. If a child enjoys playing with toy cars or loves to draw certain things, we can use those to our advantage. When we have a session, our occupational therapists are fun and love to help the child perform. Children will more likely participate and improve skills and occupational performance when they are doing things they enjoy.

So why should you choose Ginger Health for pediatric occupational therapy here in Tampa?

We offer one on one treatment with no double booking sessions. We make sure that the child gets the correct care necessary to meet their goals.

We work with the parents and caregiver to see how we can address deficits and how what the child is doing at home translates into the home. Our sessions are between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

When you first come in, we will do a head-to-toe evaluation. During this time, one of our occupational therapists will ask the parents questions and observe how the child performs in their natural context. The occupational therapist will assess the following factors:

  • gross motor,
  • fine motor,
  • coordination,
  • strength,
  • cognition,
  • vision, and perception using standardized or non-standardized assessments.

Each of these factors is critical to mastering daily tasks and the occupational therapist will then write goals and go over potential recommendations with the child and caregiver. The importance of the occupational therapy evaluation is that it will guide the treatment plan and future evaluations. Our occupational therapists love to answer your questions and work with you to meet your child’s goals. Our facilities have equipment that allows your child to receive state of the art care and lets them be able to have fun in the process.

Our goal is to help your child succeed. Occupational therapy is a process, and it may take time in some cases, but at the end of the day, watching your child smile and be happy performing daily tasks is a price that is well worth it.

Ginger Health excels at providing Pediatric Occupational Therapy in Tampa, so YOUR child will EXCEL!

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