COVID 19 situation- SAFE AND STRONG!

We are open to treat selected patients for pain relief and increased mobility. Being stronger and more mobile improve circulation and healing, boosting the immune system to prevent infections from taking over. Fear and sedentary lifestyle will weaken the body's chances of fighting infections.

HOME VISITS and TELEHEALTH options are available. Call 813-631-9700 to set up a private hygienic in-person or online appointment with our doctors.

Much Health and Harmony to you and yours!
Your Ginger Health Team
P: 813-631-9700 I F: 844-456-0077 [email protected]

Do you have certain habits you’d like to stop to improve your health? Dr. Ginger Le, DPT, ATP, CDRS, shares how to harness your brain and heart superpowers to change those habits and live healthier.