Clinical  Internships

Clinical  Internships

We are a reputable clinical training center for Doctor of Physical Therapy, Doctor of Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy Assistant students from area Universities. We foster positive attitude, hard work, and empowerment for all patients, friends, families, and students.

We recommend interested Universities or students to contact us at least 1 year or 6 months in advance for interviews, to be sure we are the right match for each other. (We are not bureaucratic, so we can be flexible and fit you in on shorter notice in case of emergencies, but this is not optimal…)

  • We have a diverse patient caseload of all ages and abilities.
  • Students feel that they learn the most from our facilities due to the multitudes of diagnoses from one patient to the next.
  • Furthermore, we coordinate with other providers such as orthotists, wheelchair and DME suppliers, Work Comp case managers to provide continuity of care for each patient.
  • For Primary health interventions, we provide students opportunities to teach children in area schools during Teach-In days and at business chamber meetings as opportunities arise.

To apply for Internships, Clinicals, or Volunteer click on: Jobs/Internships

Congrats to Doctor of Physical Therapy Graduates:
2016 FAMU Drs. Peresha Barr, Adler Dorvillus, George Carnage, DPT
2015 FAMU Drs. Krista Richardson and Ashley Borders, DPT
2015 USF Dr. Mandy Huster, DPT
We wish you much success to make our profession proud!

Dr. McCarthy, OT, PhD, with OTD class 2015 andh future Dr. Ayla Olk-Szost (USF DPT student Class 2014)

Clinical experiences here include services to the local communities and advocating for our professions.

2017 Advocacy in Tallahassee with FPTA and West Central District members, including with USF Faculties: Dr. Sandy William, PhD, PT and Gina Musolino, PhD, PT, PT Leadership Linda Ergle PT, Roger Harbour PT, and Drs. Ryan Grella, DPT and Juan Villeda, DPT

We strive to provide opportunities for future professionals to get teaching and speaking experience in the community. OTD and DPT students at Middleton High School Biomedical Science classrooms.

Below are pictures of many of our past students

Congrats to our Future Leaders: USF DPT 2014 Graduates- 3 of which were our Clinical Interns: Drs. Jessica Lewis, DPT, Jennifer Current, DPT, and Ayla Olk-Szost, DPT- Much Success and Happiness to you!

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