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We are open to treat selected patients for pain relief and increased mobility. Being stronger and more mobile improve circulation and healing, boosting the immune system to prevent infections from taking over. Fear and sedentary lifestyle will weaken the body's chances of fighting infections.

HOME VISITS and TELEHEALTH options are available. Call 813-631-9700 to set up a private hygienic in-person or online appointment with our doctors.

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To help the new drivers, inexperienced drivers, or teenagers become skillful: practice appropriate reactions on the road, drive with confidence and caution, understand safety in all aspects, learn how to deal with stressful situations, reduce stress or peer pressure, improve driving mechanics, improve posture and body mechanics, diffuse anger and possible dangers.

1. To help the differently-abled persons use adaptive equipment, advise on installations, and practice driving with the adaptive devices in all types of vehicles. Physical Therapy evaluations and Driving Evaluations, On-the-road practice for independence and vocational pursuits.

2. To help seniors learn or relearn safe driving techniques, learn how our relationship between biomechanics and positions in the car can change with age, make adjustments in postures and set ups of the car, practice safe driving skills, reduce pain and tension, reduce muscle spasms, joint tightness, improve mobility.

3. Help new Florida residents, out of state or visiting drivers with driving safety in Florida, certify safe driving and adaptive driving skills in order to obtain a Florida License

4. 5R’s: Relaxation and Reflection Reduces Road Rage: learn how to use relaxation techniques and positive imagery, tranquil attitudes, to enhance driving experience – Arrive with Freshness and Grace!

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