HIVAMAT Pain and Edema Therapy

HIVAMAT Pain and Edema Therapy

(HI) Histological (VA) Variable (MA) Manual (T) Technique is a noninvasive, Deep Oscillation (DO) technique that uses electrical current to penetrate down to deeper tissues and provide an electrical balance to the body’s sensory and motor nerves. It provides calming effects that reduces pain, muscle spasms, fluid mobility to treat lymphedema and other swellings.

Our patients report good results for many conditions. This technique is especially good for those who cannot tolerate deep tissue massage or manual therapy.

Many patients with severe pain are also hypersensitive to touch. They cannot tolerate pressure or deep touch treatment typical to manual therapy.  HIVAMAT Deep Oscillation Therapy (DO) is physiologically effective for tactile-intolerant patients.  According to German Physiomed Manufacturer’s website, the HIMAVAT’s patented DEEP OSCILLATION® provides biologically effective oscillations in the tissue, utilizing electrostatic attraction and friction. The oscillation sensations are “pleasant, gentle”, and provide “deep-acting” effects on all tissue levels from skin to fascial connective tissues, muscles, blood, lymph vessels. They reduce pain, inflammation, and reabsorb edema. DO helps to promote tissue "trophicity", rubor reduction, detoxification”, improve wound healing and overall tissue quality. See Figure 1, 2, and 3.

Researcher found safety and effectiveness of Deep Oscillations on patients with primary fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), patients with multiple pain and edematous conditions from surgical wounds or sports injuries, and those with low back-sciatic or cervical-brachial pain1, 2, 3. They found that low-frequency electromagnetic radiations produced from DO can modulate immune reactions to treat tumors, pain, and inflammations. There were no contraindications for acute muscle injuries, no noted side effects. Findings included significant improvements in symptoms and quality of life.

This treatment modality is safe, well tolerated, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive. In some cases, it can restore the patient to prior levels of function.


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