Kudos From Our Clients

Kudos From Our Clients

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"I have been a patient with Ginger for 20 years. I have found great relief in my pain level and I highly recommend my therapist, Dr Lim!"
Oct 22, 2021
"Great place and Dr. Lim is superb!!!!"
Jul 26, 2021
"I have visited Ginger Health a dozen times in the last 3 months, to provide my fractured hand with therapeutic help. The services given by the OTD Mr. Sebastian Kazmierczak were excellent and very helpful. He and the staff are friendly and courteous at all times. I would highly recommend to anyone requiring their services."
Apr 09, 2021
"Ginger Health has been wonderful. They have helped increase my strength and stamina greatly. Anything we have needed for my at home care they have quickly and efficiently helped us get. They have sent documents to our primary care doctor to get us get the DME we needed as well. We have and will continue to recommend them."
Mar 19, 2021
"Dr.K and Danielle are very knowledgeable and compassionate at what they do. I've seen improvements over the last 3 weeks. Update will follow within the next 3 weeks. "
Mar 11, 2021
Feb 25, 2021
"I am very pleased with the service of Ginger Health Physical Therapy. The employees are fantastic, the place is very clean and my therapist is the best. She always has a good attitude, is helpful and ready to see what needs improved. Dr Merryn Mathew is excellent 100%."
Feb 24, 2021
"Dr. Lim is wonderful! The whole staff is fabulous "
Feb 15, 2021


Early this Spring I had surgery for bladder cancer and following that I had to have physical therapy to strengthen my pelvic floor. I had a choice of centers to do this and am so fortunate that I chose the office of Ginger Fitness and Rehab (Ginger Health) located in New Port Richey, Florida. From the moment I walked into their office, I was presented with the highest levels of professionalism. Tia runs the office with clear efficiency and a smile that welcomes clients as if they were family. Her genuine concern and willingness to accommodate each individual’s needs are especially helpful.

Dr. Le leads a team that has vast physical therapy experience and she ensures that every moment of therapy is focused upon successful rehabilitation. She presented the highest levels of empathy for my condition and helps define achievable goals for timely and complete recovery.

The staff under Dr. Le’s guidance made each therapy session something I looked forward to. Kayla and Jerica consistently met the highest standards of success and approached their work, not just as a job, but as a profession they have committed themselves to. Sessions have never been stressful but rather enjoyable, successful and down-right fun!

I could not be more pleased with my ongoing experience as a client of this outstanding fitness and rehabilitation office and would, and have already, recommended them to others in need of support. The Ginger Fitness and Rehab office in New Port Richey presents a team approach to all that they do. I offer a sincere Thank You to them.

B. Sc 7/27/2021

Kim + Jared + Yomira have all been helpful in different ways with helping me understand what is needed to improve my injury. Strengthening and movement and breathing have been very helpful and made me focus on correctly moving throughout my day. A very friendly staff, keep up the good work.

M.B. 06/29/2020

I find that all the therapists have been great in the strengthening of my shoulder. I’m trying my best to follow the exercises they’ve showed me at home. I’m doing better thanks to them all. Keep up the great work. Thank you!

P.B. 06/29/2020

Thanks very much to the therapy group at Ginger Health. Kim, Kiara, and Jules have been fantastic in helping me through my rehabilitation and recovery from a difficulty rotator cuff surgery. They all helped make my recovery go smoother and the sessions were always easier and less stressful each time. Thanks again for everything.

A.C. 11/11/2019

I love walking during my therapy. I also love working with my PTA Kim and Jules. They have helped me become stronger.

S.T. 11/04/2019

Kim and Yomira are very friendly, understanding and push you to do better. PT is a challenge but it has helped with pain and overall self-improvement.

K.H. 06/25/2020

My daughter Joy and I recall all the wonderful therapist and staff who have helped us on our therapy journey. Ginger has been working with Joy since she was 5 years old. Joy was diagnosed with CP and she uses a wheelchair. These past 13 years, we have come to rely on Ginger and her staff including Dr Lim and Dr Matthews who assess Joy’s growing needs and facilitate new equipment approval. Kim Tran is our present PT, who has been a great match for Joy. Their personalities allow Joy to look forward to therapy sessions. Kim keeps me abreast of their sessions when I’m travelling and Joy is home with her caregiver. “I love Kim and talking selfies with her”… Joy. Thank you GHOPT!!!

J. 06/30/2020

Dr. Lim is an awesome doctor. Love his treatment.

E.C. 05/26/2020

Provided lots of relief. The staff are excellent, knowledgeable, and friendly. I already referred my sister for therapy. Dr. Lim has been excellent.

E.S. 07/03/2020

Love working out here, learn a lot about how to improve myself so that I could feel better in my everyday life. The PTs here are wonderful and I feel so comfortable with all of them. Love this place a lot.

J.M. 06/30/2020

Because of telehealth, I was able to continue receiving OT from Jan during the COVID-19 crisis. She is very knowledgeable in adaptations that could be made to enhance my life with cerebral palsy. We were also able to see an improvement in my fine motor skills.

C.P. 06/25/2020

I have definitely seen a lot of improvement in my skills since I’ve started my treatment. Espescially in my walking and my pain has decreased. My therapist have definitely helped me with different techniques to use, espescially Douglas Howard and Janet Gardner. I really appreciate all of your help! Thank you so much.

R.A. 05/15/2020

I have been receiving Occupational Therapy with Jan for few months now and have to say, it has been a blessing! Not only is Jan attentive and knowledgeable, she is also extremely patient. Our in-person therapy sessions had to change to virtual sessions and not only did she walk me through the process, she was persistent in ensuring that we continue our work together. Through our time together, I have made tremendous progress with Jan’s guidance. I now have movement in my hand where I once thought I might have lost mobility for good. I truly thank and recommend Jan to anyone needing Occupational Therapy.

M.A. 05/12/2020

Ginger Health has been a great place for my son receiving PT services. Our PT Doug is very compassionate and persistent with Ethan, and you can tell he truly cares for Ethan’s health and well-being. Ethan has made so many improvements in the short amount of time that he has been at Ginger Health. Thanks to the caring therapist.

S.Z 05/11/2020

The staff is very friendly and nice.

K.C. 11/20/2019

Thank you to the Ginger Health family for helping me with my elbow physical therapy, and thank you to my therapist Lauren for doing such a lovely job. God bless.

J.N. 05/07/2020

We’ve been with Dr. Matthew for about 9 months for PT, and now OT! Leonora has not only gotten stronger but she’s built so much confidence! She learned to ride a bike when before PT she was afraid to even attempt to get on one! We are so incredibly thankful for all the strength she’s gained but also for the overall confidence she’s gained too! Everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging since day one! Absolutely would recommend!

E.C. 05/01/2020

My daughter has been coming to Ginger Health about to be a year now. She has progressed tremendously. I am so grateful for all the therapist, espescially Lauren, she is amazing with my daughter. Plus Aleah is crazy with her. Thank you for all you do.

M.I. 04/29/2020

Dr Lim has magic hands. My pain went from 9 to a 5 to a 0. Everything is good!

L.C. 04/29/2020

By the time I had my second surgery the doctor said I would never walk again. Walking today in physical therapy, I was shocked!

A.B. 04/24/2020

“I had so much pain before that I need to use crutches, I can’t even walk in the store.” ” I was in pain since 2008″. “I’m feeling good right now, no pain at all. The manual therapy to your back made the pain go away.”

M.J. 12/03/2019

Thank you so much for helping Kerly in therapy, she enjoys time there, even when she makes some noise. Always kind and patient with her. We appreciate your flexible hours when we need to adjust.

M.,L.,K. D.L. 11/13/2019

I met miss Kim around June 17 at Ginger Health, she was my PT coach for my knee. She did a wonderful job, great personality, very educated, and definitely helped me out 100%. Recovery was great and satisfied with her work after my surgery. We started working on my neck as well and the same thing, very happy with the results. Thumbs up, five stars. In addition Kiara, also has worked on my neck and I am very happy with the results and she has a very good personality, and easy to work with.

J.C. 11/12/2019

I am so happy for the therapy Ginger Health provided to my daughter, they always care the right way, and the right moment when she needs an evaluation for a new part for her wheelchair. They are always cooperating. It’s very nice when you come and you receive the best attention and care for one person you love most, your children; that mattered a lot to me. I will continue to come to Ginger Health for my daughter’s therapy. We love their services and therapy.

G.S. 11/05/2019

Ginger Health is great. They offer many different modalities and are very friendly and understanding. They provide really good lymphedema therapy! I highly recommend Ginger Health.

A.D. 11/05/2019

The staff at Ginger Health is always fun to work with and they always make sure you leave with a smile.

C.G. 11/05/2019

Hi my name is Ashley and my daughter, Abigail has been coming to Ginger Health for about a year now and my experience with them has been great. Coming here actually feels like I’m coming to a big family instead of just a clinical facility. The staff here are extremely knowledgeable and they truly care about Abigail. That’s comforting for me because I know they are tending to Abigail’s specific needs.


My back pain is essentially gone. “Thanks to Dr. Lim, I can now touch the floor”

M.D. 10/29/2019

Calling Grace Adaptive Driving was one of the best decisions I have made since my injury. I am a quadraparaplegic I had long ago given up on the possibility I’ll ever be able to drive again. With their driving rehabilitation specialist Yasmin, I was able to try a variety of adaptive equipment. She helped me find the particular set up that worked best for me and my particular injury. After a few lessons, I found myself confidently driving again! She worked closely with my van mobility dealer to install the adaptive equipment I needed. Eight years after my injury I feel like I got part of my life back and a new sense of independence I had forgotten.


Hi my name is Nathan Everhart also known as WWE superstar Jason Jordan. I’ve been coming to Ginger Health for a little while now and I have to say I’ve always been treated like family and they always go above and beyond to make sure I’m taken good care of, and my treatment.


PT relieved my pain. I’m walking better. My back pain improved and relieved. I can walk around the house. I can walk around the store. When you feel better, you can do more.

V.W. 10/29/2019

Thanks to Dr Lim, I stopped feeling dizzy and can drive and do everything I want to do again. I’m 89 years old and I thought I had a stroke or something. My daughter is a Physical Therapist and recognized the symptoms. She scheduled me to see Dr Lim. After the first session, my dizziness went away. It returned again a few more times but not as intense. Now I’m all good after seeing Dr Lim for a few more sessions.

Mr. HVL 11/2016

Thanks to Dr Lim, I stopped feeling dizzy and can drive and do everything I want to do again. I’m 89 years old and I thought I had a stroke or something. My daughter is a Physical Therapist and recognized the symptoms. She scheduled me to see Dr Lim. After the first session, my dizziness went away. It returned again a few more times but not as intense. Now I’m all good after seeing Dr Lim for a few more sessions.

Mr. HVL 11/2016

Good afternoon Ginger,

I have finished my physical therapy with your facility. I wanted to first express my appreciation to you and your team. You all have been absolutely phenomenal and have helped me tremendously as I continue to heal. Everyone I worked with was a pleasure and truly made the process as painless *as possible*. I would recommend you to anyone!!

…Thank you so much!! Again, you guys are LIFE-SAVERS!!

Have a wonderful week,

LF 9/13/2016

From our patients and families, we are most grateful!

“I have been taking my son Eli to Ginger Fitness and Rehab just over a year- I was forced to find a new therapist after our other therapist became ill. I found Ginger Fitness in the phonebook. I have been very happy with Ginger and the whole staff. They have been a very caring special group who always looks for a new way to make therapy both fun and beneficial for my son Eli. They have always been very accommodating as well. I highly recommend them.”

Diane 8/15/13

“Several years ago, I had an automobile accident, and suffered unbearable pain in my back, neck, and upper arm area which was caused by severe whiplash. Several doctors tried various treatments and I was on pain killer prescription for a long time. I was unable to reach my back; consequently, I had to switch to a front hook bra as I could not reach the back far enough and any lift chores were very …limited. By the time I met Ginger, of Ginger Fitness Rehab, I was ready to try anything to rid of my pain. I reluctantly agreed to go through the physical therapy which was suggested by Ginger. Anyways, after a few months of her treatment, the pain subsided and I fully recovered less than one year due to her treatment and exercise. My physical condition has been absolutely great, and I can lift and carry my grandchildren, piggyback with no problems whatsoever. Without hesitation, I highly recommend this confident, reliable therapist, Ginger, to anyone who needs help!”

Kimi – Circa 2005

“Letter to GFR: I just wanted to tell you and whoever does the therapy with Shaun that he is doing so much better than in the past. I had not seen him in quite a while and when I saw him last weekend he is walking so much straighter and steadier. He walks with more confidence and stamina. Thanks for all your hard work.”

Sharon 11/2/2012

Hi, my name is Tony and I am here being treated by Eric and Karica. They are the best Physical Therapist that you can imagine. They make me feel like I’m part of the family. I’ve been here for 3 to 4 months and I feel like I’m getting better but only time will tell. I know that they are doing the best they can to help me.

A.W. 10/10/2019

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