P: 813-631-9700 I F: 844-456-0077 [email protected]

Dear Student / Volunteer,

Welcome! Bring your enthusiasm and willingness to learn, and you will have a Great Experience with our Dynamic Team!

We require students / volunteers to wear our logo shirts. We have many shirt colors and sizes available. They can be purchased at any of our clinic locations. Since we are a training facility for many schools in Florida; we may have several individuals doing their internship at one time. We ask that you stop by at least 2 weeks before you start to purchase a shirt and meet the staff.

Suggestion: View other areas of our website http://GingerHealth.com to find out more about us, our Team and the specialty services we provide.

Please complete, print and turn in the forms below when you come in to meet the staff. We will need a copy of your Photo Id for identity verification. Our clinic locations are on the home page of the website. Email: [email protected] to find office hours during the holidays.

HIPAA Training:
All Volunteers and Students must complete a HIPAA training and obtain a certificate of completion. This is located under the Confidential Form.

Note about Lunch:
We have refrigerators and microwaves at each of our clinic locations. You may bring lunch if you wish and store in our fridge. Due to our patient case loads; we don’t have set lunch hours. Please let the staff know to cover for you.

We do require you to commit to 32 hours of volunteer / observation time. This allows time for you to learn about us, our diverse Occupational and Physical Therapy services and for us to get to know you. You will be required to keep a log of your hours, we have a form at each of our clinics. If you require us to complete a form for your school upon completion of your hours, please give the form to the supervisor of the clinic you will be attending.

Thanks. Ginger

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