We use non-invasive treatment- no pills, surgeries, or injections!

We perform a comprehensive exam that includes strength and motion tests to identify weak points in the shoulder, head, neck, arm complexes. We look at your biomechanics to find the root causes of your problems.

Treatment can include manual therapy, trigger point release, specific exercises, functional training, soft tissue massage and strengthening exercises.
Depending on the type of shoulder injury and the extent of the injury, we can include ultrasound, hivamat, laser treatment. We focus on prevention and continuous healing, so we teach you to improve your biomechanics, body alignment, posture, and other techniques to avoid future injuries to the shoulder and other parts of the body.
Our goal is to provide ongoing pain relief and improve life functions.

Schedule an appointment with us today – or seek another qualified Physical Therapist if we are not near you. Good Luck!