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Work tasks at a factory assembly line, or long hours sitting at the computer, long hours driving, all cause some type of repetitive stress or another. Examples:

  • Laboratory work involving looking down
  • Inspections or detailed tasks requiring eye focusing, squinting, bending, twisting, stepping up/down, climbing and bending motions.
  • Problems worsen with pounding or drilling during construction,
  • Working in cold or hot temperatures,
  • Repeated lift and carry.
  • Long distance driving or prolonged sitting places much pressure on the lower spine.
  • Working at computer/ laptop, texting on mobile phones
  • Working at monitoring stations

These tasks affect the whole body or specific muscle / joint groups and can cause discomfort, pain, injury, and debility in the long run.

Call us to request consultation for your workplace. Ensure your employees and leadership enjoy the most ergonomic, safe, and creative work space. We cover the entire state of Florida for advisement, including Ergonomic Evaluation, Employee Safety, Exercise Education, Stress Relief and Meditation for CEO’s and employees.

When employees are injured, we have multiple locations to provide his/her rehab program. Early intervention and treatment allievate problems, prevent pain and injury from getting worse, and help return to work.

We stay in close contact with the case manager and physician to improve communication and continuity of care.

  • Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Ergonomic Assessment
  • Work Conditioning
  • Work Hardening
  • Job Testing
  • Workplace Safety / Set Up
  • Employee and Management safety education
  • Disability Determination

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