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Ginger as a philosophy of treatment
Promote proper health choices by first finding the “root” of the problem. Treat naturally and scientifically, to allow the body sufficient time to recover and improve. Each patient/client is encouraged to look at his/her health project as a long term habit. Just as one has to eat well to survive well, one also has to exercise correctly to improve his/her health and feeling of well-being. When the Ginger root is healthy, then the effects are manifested in the healthy plant and beautiful flower.

Ginger Fitness and Rehabilitation, Inc * Rehabilitation for -> Newborns – Adults
Neurology * Cardio Pulmonary
Orthopedics: Post surgical care * Osteoporosis * Arthritis
Performing Arts Evaluation
Wound Care
Women’s Health: Prenatal/Postpartum/ Post surgical care
Men / Woman: Pelvic Floor
Company / Individual consultation
Community planning / Equipment consultation

Life approach: Positive attitude, lifting up and helping each other

Hard work ethics
– Positive communication to patients, staff

High work expectations
– Arrive to clinic 15 minutes before scheduled patients to prepare office (see open/close procedures)
– No personal calls/texting while treating patients
– Assist other staff members (office or therapist)

– Wipe down equipment after each use
– Clean office, therapist room, treatment areas, bathrooms, remove garbage, wash and fold linens, vacuum, sweep and mop,
– Check office and PT supplies – notify appropriate staff for ordering
Scheduling – Elite Scheduler

Color codes for each clinic * (Evaluation, Update, Treatment)
– Wesley Chapel (SG) Brown
– Busch Blvd (TT) Turquoise
– Linebaugh (LB) Green

Receptionist work: Assist Answering phones, scheduling, faxing, copying, scanning, filing, cleaning, pick up mail

Clinical: students/PT tech:
– Safety: safe transfers, use of exercise machines and treatment machines, wellness

Dress codes:
– Showered, clean clothing, no strong colognes or perfumes
– GFR or collegiate polo’s, comfortable slacks (no shorts, no jeans), clean tennis shoes or closed toed shoes with socks. Long hair pulled back. No undergarments showing. It does not look hygienic to go barefoot (socks ok) when we step up/down mats.

We're triathletes, parents, and weekend warriors, too