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TREADMILL: – Begin with Power off / lowest incline to 0

  • Place safety belt (martial arts belt) on patient around waist firmly
  • Wrap emergency band firmly around wrist or waist
  • In Emergency pull out this band
  • DO NOT allow children or adults who are not patients to use any exercise machines. Hide the emergency band where they can’t get to, so they cannot activate treadmill
  • Start treadmill on lowest speed 0.5
  • Increase speed and increase incline [per Physical Therapist direction]
  • Stand holding on to patient by safety belt firmly [depends on patient. PT will give directions]
  • Decrease speed and decrease incline for cool down
  • Stop treadmill
  • Assist patient off the treadmill if needed
  • Patients can walk sideways, backwards, according to rehab needs with supervision

BIOSTEP: – Begin with Power off

  • Turn and Pivot the seat by lever so patient can sit on seat
  • Turn the seat facing the pedals
  • Adjust seat forward or backward (knees should be slightly flexed, not hyperextended. Feet should be as flat on pedals as possible)
  • Set the Weight, time and/or program level {level determine by PT}
  • When patient starts to pedal, the machine will calculate time, steps and intensity for duration
  • When patient is done, assist out of chair. Turn left or right to pivot the chair
  • Assist patient off the biostep if needed

Stepper: – Start and Reset if already programmed


  • Be sure pt is using it slowly with control, not quickly up/down
  • Pt must pull platform all the way past the marker point for counter to count and move through full ROM
  • Pt must SLOWLY lower legs for good controlled eccentric contracts and prevent injury to low back


  • Always recharge machine after you are done
  • Always wear gloves on both hands, so you don’t inadvertently shock pt

Ultrasound Machine:

  • Caution: do not allow head of US to be removed from touching skin surface while machine is running, this will destroy the US head crystals.

TENS/ Iontophoresis:

  • Caution: do not pull or allow for electrodes to be pulled inadvertently during treatment or pt will be shocked
  • Staff will be given specific instructions at time of treatment
  • Check skin condition prior and after treatment to be sure there is no irritation

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