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Following surgery to remove a parotid tumor on the left side of my face, I suffered symptoms of nerve and muscle impairment that presented like Bell’s palsy. Iwas assured, by my surgeon, they were only bruised and not damaged, but would take time to recover and advised face exercises. My recovery was painstakingly slow and as time lapsed, I became frustrated and disheartened at my progress. On a visit with my primary care physician, he thought physical therapy would hasten recovery. Ginger Physical Therapy offered what I needed. Dr. Merryn Mathew had such a positive outlook and her energy, knowledge and focus, allowed me to see drastic improvement almost immediately. The support Dr. Mathew has provided with her attitude, positive reinforcement and understanding, has been very instrumental in my recovery and I feel emotionally and physically revived. As I continue my physical therapy, not only has my outlook and attitude become positive, but I am seeing the results. Thank you Dr. Mathew for helping me.
R.E. 09/12/2018

Thanks to Dr Lim, I stopped feeling dizzy and can drive and do everything I want to do again. I’m 89 years old and I thought I had a stroke or something. My daughter is a Physical Therapist and recognized the symptoms. She scheduled me to see Dr Lim. After the first session, my dizziness went away. It returned again a few more times but not as intense. Now I’m all good after seeing Dr Lim for a few more sessions.
Mr. HVL 11/2016

Good afternoon Ginger,

I have finished my physical therapy with your facility. I wanted to first express my appreciation to you and your team. You all have been absolutely phenomenal and have helped me tremendously as I continue to heal. Everyone I worked with was a pleasure and truly made the process as painless *as possible*. I would recommend you to anyone!!

…Thank you so much!! Again, you guys are LIFE-SAVERS!!

Have a wonderful week,
LF 9/13/2016

From our patients and families, we are most grateful!

“I have been taking my son Eli to Ginger Fitness and Rehab just over a year- I was forced to find a new therapist after our other therapist became ill. I found Ginger Fitness in the phonebook. I have been very happy with Ginger and the whole staff. They have been a very caring special group who always looks for a new way to make therapy both fun and beneficial for my son Eli. They have always been very accommodating as well. I highly recommend them.” – Diane 8/15/13

“Several years ago, I had an automobile accident, and suffered unbearable pain in my back, neck, and upper arm area which was caused by severe whiplash. Several doctors tried various treatments and I was on pain killer prescription for a long time. I was unable to reach my back; consequently, I had to switch to a front hook bra as I could not reach the back far enough and any lift chores were very …limited. By the time I met Ginger, of Ginger Fitness Rehab, I was ready to try anything to rid of my pain. I reluctantly agreed to go through the physical therapy which was suggested by Ginger. Anyways, after a few months of her treatment, the pain subsided and I fully recovered less than one year due to her treatment and exercise. My physical condition has been absolutely great, and I can lift and carry my grandchildren, piggy-back with no problems whatsoever. Without hesitation, I highly recommend this confident, reliable therapist, Ginger, to anyone who needs help!” – Kimi – Circa 2005

“Letter to GFR: I just wanted to tell you and whoever does the therapy with Shaun that he is doing so much better than in the past. I had not seen him in quite a while and when I saw him last weekend he is walking so much straighter and steadier. He walks with more confidence and stamina. Thanks for all your hard work.” – Sharon 11/2/2012

Thank you for participating and speaking to the Florida Arthritis Partnership. We are fortunate to have someone with your expertise be a part of FLAP! Physical therapy and exercise are such an important part of our strategies to help people with arthritis manage and improve their quality of life.

I have heard it was well received. We will be following up with all participants to keep you informed on FLAP plans.

Arthritis Prevention and Education Program
Tallahassee, FL

Hi, my name is Ashley and my daughter, Abigail has been coming to Ginger Fitness for about a year now and my experience with them has been great. Coming here actually feels like I’m coming to a big family instead of just a clinical facility. The staff here are extremely knowledgeable and they truly care about Abigail. That’s comforting for me because I know that they are tending to Abigail’s specific needs.

Hi, my name is Nathan Everhart also known as  WWE superstar Jason Jordan. I’ve been coming to Ginger Fitness for a little while now  and I have to say I’ve always been treated like family and they always go above and beyond to make sure I’m taken good care of, and my treatment.

Hi, my name is Tony and I am here being treated by Eric and Karica. They are the best Physical Therapist that you can imagine. They make me feel like I’m part of the family. I’ve been here for 3 to 4 months and I feel like I’m getting better but only time will tell. I know that they are doing the best they can to help me.


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